Taming the hadoop

I am presently working on Edge Node File System a massively scalable distributed file system developed by Prof. Janakiram and Mr. Kovendhan Ponnavaiko of IIT Madras. I am working on a Java implementation of the file system. We are trying to compare the performance of our file system with other popular distributed file systems. Currently … Continue reading


A linear induction motor by its simplest definition is simply an induction motor with its stator rolled out flat open. It is not very difficult to construct and the working is quite easy to understand much like other induction machines. But constructing one on one’s own is indeed a valuable experience. It is a kinky … Continue reading

Delta Classes

I am a web developer. It is official now. Look at the site for currents http://www.nitt.edu/currents. Like it or not You can’t deny the fact that I made it. Now I have one more reason to say that I am a web developer. I am teaching PHP. Yeah Delta is conducting classes and I am … Continue reading