Do you remember the nineties?

When internet was just a hifi word When terrorism was something only reporters covering Sri Nagar talked about When we thought Rajni Kant becoming our CM was just a question of when When Shaktimaan was the only super hero we had heard of besides the Phantom in the comics When we found the very idea … Continue reading

To Chennai With Love

Getting lost in the several avenues and lanes of Anna Nagar, going in the wrong direction from Ambattur station towards Avadi, getting down at the wrong stop and walking down the entire length of RK Salai from Mylapore to get to City Centre, hiding my incomplete knowledge of Mount Road from Naizath and managing to take him to Richie street, sitting in hot marina sand at noon just to kill time ..


What am I gonna do this summer? We (implies me, Sai and Naizath) are applying for a few projects or rather we have applied to a few professors who might give us some projects to do.  In case we get selected we would need to show something credible. That would menan we would need to … Continue reading

Will we make it?

It is like waiting for the third umpire. We have managed to figure in the waiting list for the circuitrix contest. Position three means we still have a chance though. Waiting with fingers crossed

What's my frequency

Getting a transistor for the radio receiver we are planning to build for pragyan is proving to be a big headache. Loads of research seems to be necessary. I donno if an opamp will do the trick .Actually I know precious little about the functioning of a receiver. This is going to occupy my time … Continue reading