Do you remember the nineties?

When internet was just a hifi word When terrorism was something only reporters covering Sri Nagar talked about When we thought Rajni Kant becoming our CM was just a question of when When Shaktimaan was the only super hero we had heard of besides the Phantom in the comics When we found the very idea … Continue reading


(This story I wrote for an online short story contest some time back. It was rusting in my old blog. I am reposting it here. A lot of my views have changed since I wrote this. Still it is my first (and only ) story. So I am troubling you with it.) “Yes, I’m waiting … Continue reading

The state of our art

It is fitting that my first post should concern movies. I used to be ( I doubt I still am) such a movie buff. Happened to watch a terribly stupid film yesterday starring vadivelu. How do people agree to a script whose doom is so obvious. The same was the case with Beema. last year … Continue reading