Do you remember the nineties?

  • When internet was just a hifi word
  • When terrorism was something only reporters covering Sri Nagar talked about
  • When we thought Rajni Kant becoming our CM was just a question of when
  • When Shaktimaan was the only super hero we had heard of besides the Phantom in the comics
  • When we found the very idea of listening to someone’s voice over the phone unbelievable and exciting
  • When our Computer supplier told us that the 256 MB RAM he supplied was cutting edge and we did not know what to do with the 20 GB hdd he gave us
  • When the postman still delivered us letters
  • When Doordarshan not satisfied with troubling us with life threateningly boring movies, forced us to watch an  old man brushing his teeth with Vicco Vajradanti for the thousandth time in the day every few seconds of the movie.
  • When music meant AR Rahman
  • When cricket meant Sachin
  • When Jurassic Park made even our chaai master talk about Computer Graphics
  • When Microsoft was sadistic enough to inflict Windows 95 upon us
  • When people thought Maruti Omni was a cool car
  • When we were struggling to find a game other than Super Mario in the 999999 in 1 Video game cassette that our father bought us
  • When Pizza was something we saw only in the Hollywood movies
  • When Rambo and Rocky were the only Hollywood movies that were released in our sleepy towns
  • When America was still the land of opportunities and dreams
  • When BJP was the middle class party and Congress was considered corrupt
  • When the American President was busy screwing his secretary and not the whole world
  • When the idea that the seas would boil was a fantasy of a few crazy minds only
  • When people still valued freedom and were not crazy enough to implant a RFID chip in their bodies
  • When it seemed that there was no stopping the world from becoming a freer and happier place

I miss those years. I miss the excitement. There is a lot happening now too. But that hope is missing. The  faith that every day would be better than the previous is gone


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