Delta Classes

I am a web developer. It is official now. Look at the site for currents

Like it or not You can’t deny the fact that I made it. Now I have one more reason to say that I am a web developer. I am teaching PHP. Yeah Delta is conducting classes and I am a part of delta and that means I have to teach something and I chose PHP.

The classes were quite good, I suppose. But people must have felt that we rushed through a few things. It is highly impossible to teach PHP in four -five hours which we are supposed to do. We haven’t yet reached forms without which PHP makes little sense.

Standing in front of an audience doesn’t seem to be something that I am comfortable with. I stammered a lot. Nowadays I stammer even while engaged in a normal conversation. Certainly frustrating. Certain words seem almost impossible to utter at some times. I know I have a problem. But I also know that it has not always been like this. A problem needs to be solved. I’ll figure out a way to get through this.


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