Pragyan etc..

Pragyan is here..

We have been counting down to it for the past seven months. Innumerable meetings later it is finally here. But it seems this edition will leave a lot to be desired. First of all Hospitality. What is the Hospi team doing? We have a 50 participants staying in our hostel and the taps refuse to function right on the day of pragyan. Is it so tough to fix a pipe that it remains the same for next day too. It is not fair to blame them though. They have worked like hell only to get f***** by some stupid plumb line. that brings us to the callousness of the non teaching staff in this college. Can’t they be made to understand that everything should be made to function well at least for the sake of our guests.

I have my own problems too. Naizath has worked doggedly for the receiver. I haven’t helped him much in this regard. We should make it work tomorrow somehow. I didn’t plan my work properly. But learnt a lot of what not to do’s thanks to Fox Hunt. But however frustrating the hunt for components might be, Electronics is indeed a fascinating hobby. The newly purchased components have their own feel. It is amazing how much you can do with those tiny weeny things sitting on your fingers.

It is not to say that we have no good news. This time the events have been better and some quality teams like IITM and NITW have arrived.And coming to cms I am amazed at the work they have done. Software support here is of the highest quality. I have my name too on the team. But I don’t think I did much if at all anything.

Next year our batch will get to lead. Will we be able to weave the magic. Let us see.


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